Biggest Little Bar in Los Angeles

June 13, 2005

"Local" is so relative.

Your local nontoxic dry cleaner is clear across town. The one and only Mayfair is the one and only grocery store for youwhi-ch sucks, considering your popsicles are but drippy sticks by the time you get them home.

So it won't be abnorm when your new local hang turns out to be nowhere near your neighborhood.

No matter what your zip, show up at Little Bar and you'll be greeted with a smile. Housed in a '30s building on La Brea that's rumored to be a former Japanese speakeasy, the wooden booths and East Coast collegiate decor are casual and cool. The jukebox rocks with everything from Marvin Gaye to Journey to De La Soul. The wine, draught beer (Pabst Blue Ribbon on tap, anyone?), and specialty soju cocktails flow freely.

There's no kitchen, but you can BYOF (bring your own food) or order from any of the nearby restaurants that deliver. They've got a binder full of menus and will happily suggest the best bites around. Plus, its Mid-Wilshire location couldn't be more central.

Like a good neighbor, Little Bar is there.

Little Bar
757 South La Brea Avenue
between Wilshire Boulevard and Eighth Street
Tel. (323-937-9210)

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