Bike Me

November 9, 2007

Lately, the only battle trumping the one at the pump is the one you wage trying to get your trusty old Schwinn uphill.

Hit the brakes for the Derringer Cycle, a motohybrid. Gorgeously designed to look like a '20s-era racing motorcycle, the advance in ecotranspo can be pedaled like a bike, engine propelled like a motorcycle or pedaled and propelled together. And despite its 35 mph and whopping 180 mpg, you don't need a special license to take it to the streets.

Color scheme, monogrammed gas cap, personalized helmet, and a hundred other accessory options are yours to negotiate; the $3,500 price tag is not.

But you always choose your battles wisely.

Derringer Cycles, 7954 West Third Street, between Fairfax and Edinburgh Avenues
(323-944-0091 or

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