Blouse of Style

January 31, 2005

If we learned one thing last season, it was that we shouldn't discount Granny's duds. One raid of her jewelry box last fall could have spared us countless last-minute brooch emergencies.

Now that pins and brooches have been S.J. Parker-ed to their final resting place chez Gap, it's time to move on to phase two of Granny chic: blouses. A company called Magpie Rita � two friends with an eye for great vintage fabrics, talent with a needle and thread, and apparently endless access to their grandmothers' closets � handcrafts updated versions of beautiful vintage blouses past their prime. Meant to be infused with the wearer's wit and paired with something offbeat (or, okay, jeans), each garment is a one-of-a-kind find that's been cut, torn, destructed, and put back together again to make a unique design.

Admittedly, Granny might not appreciate it.

But it's sure to make you appreciate her.

Available at Sirens and Sailors, 1102 Mohawk Street, at Sunset Boulevard, Echo Park (213-483-5423 or

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