Easy Rider

December 16, 2004

It started with the Big Wheel. Then you got that super-cool banana-seater with training wheels. You peaked with the red Schwinn ten-speed.

And then? Zilch. The last thing you rode on two wheels was your uncle's Segway. For shame.

Time to get back into the bike game, grown-up style. Here's how: with a chopper. (That's a "hot-rod motorcycle" to you, big shot.) Just think of it - zooming around town, checking your mug in the rearview mirror, ponytail flying in the breeze. (The soundtrack practically writes itself.)

Gard Hollinger, motorcycle designer to the stars (Governor Arnold, Jennifer Garner, Dennis Hopper), is the guy to make it happen. His shop, L.A. County Choprods, is the fanciest one on Motorcycle Row (that strip in Marina Del Rey where all the bike stores are). New, off-the-shelf models are available for purchase, but the customized numbers are the real attraction. Hollinger is a craftsman of "old-school modernistic" bikes, unique machines handcrafted from chrome and steel and sheet metal, popular from the Sunset Strip to Sturgis. (That's the most famous motorcycle rally.) And his storefront is full of leather gear, rockin' tees, and bitchin' accessories to outfit you for the ride.

Now get ready to feel the wind in your hair, leather against your skin, and the world whizzing by.

Try that on a Segway.

L.A. County Choprods, 4134 Lincoln Boulevard, between Washington Boulevard and Maxella Aveune, Marina Del Rey (310-822-4220 or lachoprods.com).

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