Genie in a Swaddle

February 3, 2005

You know what those nine months are for? Gestating a beautiful nursery. The perfect crib, an adorable but unisex color scheme, matching accessories.

Since baby's arrival, however, such interests have been replaced by larger concerns - like basic hygiene. Your current favorite nursery feature? The Diaper Genie. Better a sterile, thermos-looking eyesore than a room strewn with dirty nappies.

Time to start caring about aesthetics again - if only for a few seconds. That's about the time it will take you to apply a Genie Wrap to your Diaper Genie. Like a decal, the static wrappers are easy-to-use decorative skins that adhere easily to the Pampers hamper's sides, transforming what was a necessary evil into a delightful addition to the baby room. Right now there are four designs - Adorable African Animals, the Birds and the Bees, Fun Forest Friends, and Planes, Trains, and Automobiles - and there are many more in the works.

Which will arrive just in time for nursery #2, when the color scheme may consist of "hysteria blue" and "sleep-deprived green."

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