Jin's Tonic

January 1, 2005

When Kristy Choo, an award-winning pastry chef from Singapore, opened her dream chocolate shop in Venice, California, she hoped that her concept - a chic, modern patisserie and teahouse - would appeal to the locals.

Jin Patisserie became an instant hit, not only with the surrounding artistic community but with dessert seekers all over town. Chocolate lovers throughout Los Angeles travel to the tiny storefront and garden to sample Choo's hand-painted confections and cakes, which are unlike any the city has seen before.

Choo handcrafts her dark - and milk-chocolate delights with Asian-inspired ganaches in such flavors as green tea, lychee and mango basil. Each piece is a work of art that can be enjoyed on its own or assembled with others in a silk or wooden box. The small cakes, like the Louvre, a chocolate pyramid filled with ginger custard and candied ginger and topped with silver leaf, are nestled in a colorful jewel box like one you'd find in a fashionable boutique, which seems appropriate for treats that are as expertly crafted as fine brooches.

Handmade wooden box of five cakes - $18.50
Silk box of fifteen chocolates - $42

1202 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Tel. 310.399.8801

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