Learning Desires

February 7, 2006

E merson said beauty without expression is boring.

But someone who tells the same story to her friends a couple (okay, seven) times in the course of a single evening fits the bill, too.

So before your party banter well runs dry once more, take in a lecture at the Institute for Interesting People (how's that for an expectation-driving name?). The speaker series regularly calls on intriguing individuals - like New York Sun columnist John Avalon, comedian Andy Borowitz, and eBay PowerSeller Ann Wood - to talk about stimulating topics ranging from the future of medicine to the humor in political writing.

Just sign up for a lunchtime or evening session held at a restaurant around town. No matter which one you choose, your killer (read: toxic) conversational skills are bound to improve.

So people will be impressed with both your face and what it has to say.

Institute for Interesting People (www.iipdallas.com) or e-mail: rfearon@iipdallas.com

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