Male Order

October 14, 2004

Being an alpha male used to be so simple: All you had to do was outfit your cave wall with some hieroglyphics, beat your chest, make sure you were swinging the biggest club, and you were good to go.

But with the advent of barbecues, poker, and countless grooming services, men have a lot more to prove (or at least more stuff with which to do so).

Alpha, a new lifestyle emporium for the modern gent, serves to simplify life once more. An array of luxe goods, from products to sex toys and all the cashmere and leather that falls in between, makes it a one-stop shopping mecca for the diverse needs of today's man.

The concept comes from Christos Garkinos (of Decades Two fame) and Darren Gold, two stylemakers who wanted to house all the best guys' stuff under one roof. And with labels like Paul Smith, Lambertson Truex, and Tateossian, no one can deny they've done it. Plus, between the leather club chairs and the nifty cuff-link bar, the surroundings have just the right amount of updated gentleman's club to make any man of taste right at home. Garkinos and Gold also broker services like car detailing, party planning, and private wine tastings. Not to mention closet consultation and wardrobe styling, of course.

Because today's alpha male may still like to swing his club, but he definitely won't settle for any old loincloth.

Alpha, 8625 Melrose Avenue, between Huntley Drive and San Vicente Boulevard, West Hollywood (310-855-0775).

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