Power to the Pillows

March 6, 2006

Bad accents are easy to spot.

Superfluous umlauts, Anthonys who suddenly go AnTony, and dusty fabric flowers: all flagrant fouls.

A good accent, on the other hand, will get your attention without resorting to desperate ploys.

Take the new decorative pillows by Lulu DK for Elite Leather. Production of these beauts includes an innovative transfer method that creates a smooth, nonplastic feel when the pattern is fused to the hide. But rather than screaming, "Look at me! I'm a miracle of science," they just sit there and look pretty, quietly seducing you with their good looks.

Patterns are inspired by fabric/furniture designer Lulu de Kwiatkowski's textile collection and come in a range of elegant colors like chocolate, celadon, and pewter, so adding just one to your home could be a big, easy boost of style.

And would certainly accent-uate the positive.

Available at Chapman Radcliff, 517 North La Cienega Boulevard, between Melrose and Beverly Boulevard, West Hollywood (310-659-8062).

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