Sexy Feast

January 25, 2005

That morning cup of coffee really gets you going. But did you know that it can really, you know, get you going? And that hot sauce you love to pour over everything? It's spicing up a lot more than lunch.

Almonds? Check. Cherries? Check. Chocolate, oysters, champagne? Triple check. (But c'mon now. You already knew about these.)

Time to put a bit more thought into the benefits of what you're, ahem, putting in your mouth (or your mate's). The Aphrodisiac of the Month Club is a new gourmet-food delivery service designed to lift your libido one bite at a time. It was created by Amy Reiley, a Cordon Bleu Master of Gastronomy and aphrodisiac expert (who gives out that cerfication?), who's capitalizing on an ain't-no-stopping-it-now trend: The kitchen is the new bedroom.

Hop on board and every month you'll receive a package featuring variations on an aphrodisiac (ginger, chili, and other unlikely sizzlers), special recipes, and an Eros Note, which provides full scientific (okay, lore-generated) justification for feeling what you feel when you eat that food. (You may feel a lot more passionate about your mail when it includes ready-to-slather artisanal honey.)

So keep on with your coffee addiction. It just might rouse something more than your eyelids.

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