Taking the Cake

August 26, 2005

Your grades are in, Miss DIY.

You get straight A's in Arts & Crafts, Frugality, and All-Around Aesthetics. (Looks like your customized tees and flea market finds-turned-couture scored major points.) But when it comes to you and the kitchen, 'fraid you're not going to pass.

Sure, your Cool Whip may dollop like the best of them, but no one's going to believe that pie was anything but fresh from your grocer's freezer.

However, they might if you call SweetCake. The company provides exquisite homemade pastries for caterers and restaurants, and, now, for at-home diners. The Small Bites menue - which includes quaint lemon meringue tartlets with shortbread crust, tiny bittersweet chocolate boxes with chocolate ganache and cashew caramel, and chic French macaroons in lemon, pistachio, or raspberry - can lend you�the gourmet flair you're after. And once you try the cookies and custard shooters and see how easy it is to order them for your next cocktail party or girls' night in, your half-baked ways will be a thing of the past. Tastings at the private kitchen on Sunset are encouraged, so make an appointment to try some. You'll find that they taste as good as they look.

Which is more than you can say for your infamous slice 'n' bakes.

5825 West Sunset Boulevard, Suite 112
(between Bronson and Van Ness Avenues)
Tel. 323-960-0738

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