Thai the Knot

January 24, 2007

You actually like it, don't you?

Rushing around. The hustle, the bustle. Trying to beat the clock to get everything done. Heck, when you're checking things off your list, nothing can stop you.

Except, perhaps, that lower back spasm.

Time to add "Get a massage at Thai Sabai" to your to-do list. A recently opened oasis tucked in a Thai Town mini mall, it houses a crew of certified Thai masseuses working in private rooms. They provide soft pajamas; you lie on a blanketed mat listening to background chimes while you are stretched, kneaded, and acupressured into a state of bliss. (Sabai means "relaxed" in Thai - which is precisely how you'll feel when you emerge.)

And don't worry - though a typical session lasts 90 minutes, you can get it all done in one efficient hour.

Because heaven forbid you let relaxation throw you off schedule.

Thai Sabai, 5261 Hollywood Boulevard, between Western and Normandie Avenues, Hollywood
(323-485-2800 or


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