Whack Job

March 6, 2006

In these trying times, seeking peaceful solutions gets increasingly difficult.

Try as we may to communicat and negotiate, there comes a time when, having exhausted all diplomacy, excessive foce in the only option.

That's when you call in the pinata.

That's right. Whacking one of those colorufl papier-mache creations with a stick is just the thing for getting out your aggressions. However, for the most satisfying attacks, you need a special version. Like one from Paper Dragon.

Choose one of the charming designs (sphinx, brontosaurus, penguin, frog prince) or send in a photo of someone or something you'd like to immortalize (or annihilate). Then practice whacking - your order will be ready within a few weeks.

They've done scary dragons, kooky aliens, and space rockets, but caricatures (read: exes) are a specialty.

Just to ensure that you get them before they get you.



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