Very Good Looking

September 26, 2018



I may not have my finger on the pulse of every cocktail trend, but I'm willing to wager that my latest obsession will be news to you, too: CAKE FLAVORED VODKA.

A godsend discovery from my big sis Regen when I was recently going through a tough time, alcohol with cake flave seems to be the perfect poison: it's not as caloric as eating real cake, and it gives you a delicious buzz (pun intended.) What could be better?

Here's what: Cake Vodka mixed with homemade Limoncello. My brother-in-law, an excellent amateur chef and lover of all things Italian crafted his own from a recipe he adapted from the Sfoglia cookbook, which he shares below. Mix two parts cake vodka and one part limoncello, pour over ice, and you've got yourself what I like to call a LIMONCOCKTAIL(TM). And a party!

Happy summer sipping!


mix zest of 5 organic lemons with 2 cups of 100 proof vodka (or pure grain alchohol, which i haven't tried) in a jar with lid.  let that sit in a  cabinet for 7-10 days.  shake the jar every day or so.

make a simple syrup.  (the recipe calls for 2 cups sugar to one cup water, but i prefer 1:1 ratio and it seems to taste the same and you get by with less sugar.)  mix one cup sugar with one cup water in saucepan over medium high heat.  after the mixture turns clear from cloudy, leave on heat for an additional three minutes.  take off heat, let the syrup cool, and then mix with the zest/vodka mixture.  let that mixture sit in a cabinet for 30 days.  shake the jar occasionally.

use a strainer (with cheesecloth if inclined) to strain out the zest.  store in the freezer for up to a few months. share with friends!