Very Good Looking

September 24, 2017

Horchow at Home: Holiday Gatherings | Episode |

Three ways to set your holiday table - the latest video from Sally's collaboration with Horchow, the lifestyle catalog/online retailed that her father launched over 40 years ago.

In my new post as Lifestyle Director for Horchow, I've been on a quest to (re)introduce the brand my father launched 40 years ago to a new generation of very good-looking customers, like you. Although the company has morphed and changed since the early days, so that now we focus solely on high-quality home, entertaining, and gift items, our mission remains the same: to deliver to you beautiful, special additions to your life, that we hand-pick for you from artisans from around the world, so that you can curate your surroundings in a meaningful way.

Look out for more videos like this one with tips and tricks for your life, featuring the gorgeous offerings at Horchow!